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concierge medicine

How much does concierge medicine cost Seattle?

Concierge type of medicine is a step up towards instant service where the individual gets more attention and prompt care they need as they usually see the same physician and get an appointment without having to wait several weeks for it that too at the convenience of your own space. Concierge medicine also allows physicians to dedicate more time to each patient because the number of patients per doctor is significantly lower than in regular clinics.

This is the reason that concierge medicine is nowadays in demand when patients wants personal care or portable service making it a novel trend. And, then, of course, don’t you every wonder? What is the actual price of Concierge Medicine per say in Seattle? Let’s find that out.

What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge Medicine, which is an increasing trend in health care, is coming as a change to the typical medical care systems. The term concierge medicine means a medical service that is more personalized in nature as it caters the patient needs. Unlike conventional healthcare where the customers are charged for every service they use, this model demands patients to voluntarily pay an annual fee that enables them to access instant and convenient medical care benefits. 

Under this type of fee- Per-service approach, patient- physician relationship is cultivated and is normally referred to as concierge doctor, boutique physician, or retainer physician .

What differentiates Concierge Medicine from the traditional model?

If someone is going through a problem, or got hurt they would probably be referred to an emergency department, where the patient would have to wait for hours for the doctor to see them for just a few minutes and probably without a specialist help because the system usually works within the standard office hours, granted that the patient could even afford getting to that emergency room. The concept of concierge medicine is almost opposite to the mentioned problems. With a focus on patient oriented healthcare, concierge medicine aims to fill in the gaps encapsulating this process in a coherent manner.

1. Dedicated Attention: 

The personal attributes of concierge medicine that contrasts with the common rushed approach used in general medical practice is one of the key points of this approach. It allows a continuous dialogue between a patient and a physicians, which means that the latter will be able to discuss the problems with the patient in detail and form a personal treatment plan that suits specifically the patient’s needs the best.

2. Proactive Wellness Plans: 

A concierge medicine approach first of all aim to meet the emergency healthcare but prevention aspect is also strong. Concierge doctors near me function as a team with the patients in setting preventive health strategies that are geared at retaining the normal functional state of heath and minimizing the risk of complications resulting from other disease conditions.

3. 24/7 Access to Care: 

Physically, the most prominent feature of a concierge health model is the way it serves patients. By offering round-the-clock support via phone, email, or telemedicine platforms, patients are assured of being able to call the attending physician immediately anytime, even during weekends and holidays.

By highlighting easy access, instant care, and anticipatory care services that are geared towards preventing diseases, concierge medicine reshapes the patient-doctor relationship which will enable them to be proactive and active to their health.

What Affects the Price of of Concierge Medicine

1. Services Offered: 

There are a wide range of different concierge practices that offer diverse set of services. Taking examples such as unlimited office visits, telemedicine consultations, in-home visits, and comprehensive wellness programs in question, some types of medical services range widely. Since breadth and depth of service could impact on the total cost.

2. Physician Reputation: 

Doctors who have already built a sound reputation are often the ones who demand the higher fees from their members. Doctors with an area of expertise are frequently a desired target and those considered the best doctors in the field.

3. Practice Location: 

Surrounding cost of living and operation of medical practice in Seattle can reflect the weight of membership fees of concierge doctor near me. The stylists and beauty salons in upscale areas or downtown still remain expensive.

Understanding the Cost Breakdown

The fees of concierge medicine in Seattle are diverse and are according to the different number of reasons which are: the services rendered, the professional’s rank, and the office’s location. However, on an average base, you could pay from $ 1500 to $ 3000 annually for equity membership enrollment. The cost usually covers the unlimited offices visits and also an appointment. That can be made on a day basis hence. Giving you the fitting time to either call your doctor via phone or by email. 

Hence, the amenities a concierge medicine might provide such as home visits, telemedicine. And health and wellness program, might impose extra charges for the patient too.

In order for you to fully evaluate the cost of it. You must look at what you get in return to what you’ll pay for them. It is true that a few patients may feel that the initial payments are too much; but. Most of the customers want immediate treatment. And this feeling of calmness that the doctor cares for them is worth the wait. As well as, the elimination of the check-in process and the time for the appointment is not the only benefit. As there would be a decrease in the number of follow-up tests that the hospital might get it done from you.

Choosing and identifying a Concierge Physician to Cover up my Many Health Issues. Will definitely be a trial and requires a lot of research.

Finding the Right one from Concierge Doctors Near me in Seattle


Look for a doctor who practices in the health areas that are relevant to you. Whether these are the preventive medicine, chronic disease management, or holistic well-being.

Patient Reviews: 

Analyze reviews from existing patients in order to monitor the quality of care and satisfaction with the practice. Personal stories from patients are quite capable of giving a true picture of the patient experience.

Communication and Accessibility: 

Ensure that the doctor provides access to a communication channel and responds promptly to all inquiries. Accessibility is very essential when it comes to concierge practice where the patients expect immediate and time bound care.


Concierge medicine provides an exclusive medical treatments targeted at immediate care and convenience. Weighing the factors that influence the cost of concierge medicine and comparing. This to the benefits can help the patients make a wise decision about their healthcare choices. Regardless of whether the purpose is to provide immediate care, longer time appointments. Or comprehensive wellness programs, concierge medicine in Seattle provides an individualized solution which addresses the needs of the specific patient.

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